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Getting a hand on things

Walking around these offices is getting better and better. It's a lot more fun now running into Angelus, I can when I think hard bump right into him. It's great, I do it in a way which makes it look like I wasn't looking where I was going. I have to get my kicks where I can get em. Bloody poof, I love pissing him off.

Fred and I spend a lot of time together, I'll get her coffee, or open the door for her when she walks by. I'm enjoying my new skills, and I like using them on her. I guess this is our way of building a friendship. Today we walked about my past a bit, I thought her hearing such stories from my own mouth would bloody well freak her out, but I was wrong, I think she may have felt a bit more comfortable hearing them from me than reading them in some file. I hope she'll open up to me soon, I know there is more to this woman than meets the eye. I know I could find things out on my own, but I would like for her to come to me.
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